Pre-Active Cyber Defence

What is Pre-Active Cyber Defence

In order to achieve real resilience, organisations need to be assured that defence will enable them to repel advanced attacks, enable a rapid return to normal operations, and assure stakeholders of the confidentiality and integrity of the information it holds, and the security of the systems that handle it.

Any organisation that cannot afford to experience any loss of confidential data, to the point of zero tolerance, should be adopting a more pre-prepared and counter-active posture. Optimal Risk offer a dynamic defence concept built upon 'conceptual mobility' and defence-in-depth which will provide the time & ability to respond in ‘real time’, either as part of a doctrine of evasion, or deterrence.

One of the main foundations of Optimal Risk’s Advanced Cyber Defence services is the doctrine of Pre-Active Cyber Defence built on the assertion that effective defence requires a pre-prepared, active plan to deter, to ‘counter-act’, or to engage threats as part of an active cyber defence doctrine.

In order to engage attackers in ‘real-time’, a pre-active cyber defence firstly prepares the conditions that will allow active methods to provide advantage, out-manoeuvre adversaries, negate threats, and prevail in any engagement.

Pre-active Cyber Defence will also establish those active methods to be employed against attackers, incorporating both technical measures & tools, and pre-established methods & procedures for employing a deception strategy.


  • The range of support you require to pre-empt those scenarios where employing deception is most warranted
  • A unique mix of cyber and physical services required for OPSEC preparation, defence planning and devising your deception strategy
  • The technical expertise to design the appropriate infrastructure, and build the required custom tools
  • The incident response capability to reinforce your capacity
  • The experience to ensure that your deception plan can be applied and adapted

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