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‘Future-Proofing’ against Converged Information Risk

Cyber risk scenarios present a new challenge to security and risk planners. The key to developing converged security risk strategy through scenarios is that the outcomes must lead to decisions that effectively mitigate information risk from physical, human, and cyber threats.
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How Red Teaming Gain Greater Immediate Traction Over Auditing

The 'learning by doing' opportunity that security exercises provide, is crucial to identifying failures in breach incident response as well as failures in security. So the appropriate design of a Red Team process will ensure that a balance is achieved between reinforcing security, and preparing the appropriate response.
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A Counter-Espionage Approach to Corporate Security Management

In order to spot the tell-tale signs of espionage, the security team needs to not only be well-versed in the science of counterespionage, but also in the conduct of industrial espionage. From this theoretical standpoint they can make better sense of the evidence they have gathered. In short: it takes a spy to catch a spy.
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Addressing Espionage in Cyber Awareness Month

If companies start with the assumption that they have been the victim of espionage, and that data is still being exfiltrated consistently, then they will quickly change their security dialogue & agenda considerably. For many firms it is complex to look for evidence of victimhood unless they bring in specialists.
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Converged Security Risk: Supply Chain and Downsizing Scenarios

In summing up the lessons of the day, the Chairman highlighted that converged security planning needs to consider plausible threats, beyond just ‘the probable’ specifically in relation to the insider threats from bad practice as well as bad intent. He also drew attention to the principle that planning for converged threats should be characterised by a reluctance to simplify the process, and by a proactive approach to maintaining greater awareness of threats, and anticipating their impacts.
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A Convergence Masterclass

Optimal Risk will be leading a masterclass on these issues, organised by the Security Institute and hosted by Siemens in London on September 24th, which will address the core challenges that organisations face in embracing and applying converged security concepts. The objective is to introduce students with specialist background to a range of models and principals that will better enable them to prepare and cope with converged security risks.
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