Counter Espionage Services

Counter Espionage

Industrial espionage is propagating very quickly and now represents a major risk to the intellectual assets and property of many companies, which is backed and driven by sophisticated and very well-funded organisations.

Our counter-espionage services incorporate a range of Red Team and Blue Team services that address both physical and cyber domains in a phased approach, designed to systematically reduce vulnerabilities, establish appropriate counter-measures, and reinforce you resilience. Your counter espionage strategy needs to cater for multiple vectors including diligence processes for employee entry and exit as well as on-going measures to monitor:

  • Vulnerable employees
  • Intruders
  • Insider leaks
  • Loss investigation and recovery
  • Social engineering
  • Cyber threats

Optimal Risk offers a range of converged risk and security services to mitigate the threats from industrial espionage, incorporating detection, prevention, response, training and awareness-building in a holistic, risk-informed support process.

We can introduce your organisation to a threat-modelled, risk-informed platform upon which to specifically tackle advanced and persistent threats from espionage, and then apply a broad range of technical and consulting solutions, including surveillance and behaviour anomaly monitoring. If you are not fully confident in your current security measures and controls, and want to explore your risk exposure with a view to being more secure, please contact us at:

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