Optimal Risk presenting on e-espionage

It is testament to the change in landscape of industrial espionage that CSARN is hosting an event on espionage and allocating proper attention to the cyber dimension. This does not exclude the physical elements that contribute to the converged nature of the threat, but besides talking about the natire of the threat, it is important to factor in the concept of risk. Optimal Risk will be presenting at the event in London on 8th October.

We will be exploring the following:

1. Placing a value on the cost of cyber espionage: Firms tend to chronically undervalue the cost of being a victim of cyber espionage, and even identifying the digital assets that are at risk. We will discuss methodologies that allow companies to put a value against these threats to help quantify risk.  

2. The current state of preparedness for espionage. Presenting the findings of our research to demonstrate how scenarios, risk registers, planning and exercising are currently addressing the threat of espionage and what changes have been made recently to counter the threat. 

3. The social engineering risk posed by employees and the vulnerability they can represent. The need to extend personal security measures of key personnel when outside the office [physically and digitally]. Providing some examples of what can be achieved through cyber means for surveillance and data capture.

For more information contact us or go to http://www.csarn.org/2013Oct8CorpEsp.html
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