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Breaching the Human Firewall Part 1

‘Human firewall’ testing that we have conducted for many organisations, as part of more elaborate red team exercises has proved that the human element is typically taken for granted as a weakness in organisations’ defence but most are left with significant gaps in their perspective of how deep the problem is and what they should do about it.
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Tackling the Converged Nature of Industrial Espionage

Espionage is probably one of the more severe manifestations of converged attack to large corporations. To consider what is at risk, one must consider everything that comprises IP, and confidential plans and strategy appertaining to new market entry, M&A, new product development, and channel partnerships. To miss the key point that this is not a pure cyber threat but a converged threat; is one of the key failings of security planning & management, and represents one of the main fault lines in Enterprise Security Risk Management [ESRM].
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