Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The incidence of crime and industrial espionage through cyber means is increasing to the point that is it now the most likely vector of attack on most firms, because it is cheaper, easier, and potentially more effective than traditional methods.

The cyber threat to industry continues to rise as company operations have become totally reliant on the information and telecommunication technologies; the nature & complexity of the threats have evolved aggressively, and most sectors are becoming increasingly vulnerable.

This has heightened the level of cyber threat dramatically, and is driving a renewed focus on the types of vulnerability inherent to both IT and operating systems, as well as a renewed focus on risk assessments, in the recognition that cyber attacks can perpetrate damage that was not previously considered in the realm of information assurance or network security.

Organisations need to address the risk that cyber space now represents to their information assets, intellectual property, competitive positioning, and the security of their processes. Cyber risk now incorporates numerous high-impact scenarios that organisations can no longer ignore. The greatest risks are now converged risks which most firms are struggling to grasp.

2012 represented a significant change in the nature of the cyber environment, both in terms of malicious activity and in the recognition of the weaknesses of current defence, which has prompted more urgent debate, planning, and investment in protection.

Leading this process, Optimal Risk offers a comprehensive suite of advanced cyber security services, specifically for information security & networks. Backed by the FAIR methodology for quantifying and assessing risk, it is delivered through a suite of penetration testing, Red Team exercises, and Blue Team services based on specialist cyber knowledge & capabilities to address the most current scenarios.

Our senior team brings over 20 years experience in intelligence, IT security, and security risk consulting to provide you with a full security strategy & policy advisory service that will ensure the security of your assets, staff, third party relationships and organisation from a broad spectrum of cyber threats ranging from theft and sabotage, to espionage and more.

Our services bring the most up-to-date perspective on threats & solutions to different forms of IT & network risk, and cyber crime including vulnerabilities of VoIP, VPNs, and mobile devices & applications.

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