Reflecting on Cyber Threat Summit 2013

Optimal Risk was proud to sponsor this years Cyber Threat Summit, which is now a virtual global event.

We presented on two topics highlighting in two parts that....... If you are not prepared then you should start - and if you think you are then you should test your defence to be sure and reassured. Your customers and shareholders will be too:

The first topic was: Prepared for Anything? Really?
This is summaried in a previous blog post, which is only a click away.

The second topic was: Cyber Resilience: Learning to Cope with Multifaceted Attacks Proactively.....
This was a summary of longer recent presentations that we have given to. This presentation presented a simulated evolution of a complex attack and highlight the challenges and typical failings, step-by-step as the attack evolves, of the crisis management process which illustrate the problems in attaining real resilience in the cyber domain. In doing so the audience will be led through a typical war game process to discover the value of simulating sophisticated and persistent attacks in order to develop greater preparedness towards more effective cyber resilience.

You can view recordings of these presentations at
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