Blue Team Services

Blue Team Services

Blue teams reinforce your security where & when you need it most, and help you plan for those circumstances.

Our Blue Team services provide the range of support you require to anticipate & mitigate converged threats, and the range of security risks to your organisation from determined adversaries, criminals, or terrorism.

Designed to maintain & supplement the effectiveness of your physical and IT security capabilities, to develop preparedness for a broad range of scenarios, and to provide appropriate response & recovery capacity, Optimal Risk provides a truly unique range of cyber & physical consulting & services.

Our services can be provided individually or in combination to provide:

  • Effective strategy, policy, and processes appropriate to task, and best practices in adoption of security measures & application of controls
  • Greater security awareness and risk management built upon a structured scenario and risk register process
  • Integrated security, business continuity, and crisis response planning for converged risks, based on our unique understanding of the current and future threats your organisation faces
  • Advanced and on-demand capabilities, which minimize the impact of security incidents, and enable rapid return to fully effective operating services

Blue Team Services Incorporate:

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