Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

The technological threat landscape is constantly changing, and it is important to regularly check existing systems for new vulnerabilities. Similarly when introducing new systems, devices, and interdependencies to your organisation it is critical to ensure that they do not represent a threat. Organisations now present a multitude of system & device vulnerabilities that offer attackers opportunities to compromise their security.

Our advanced methods test for vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks on internet-facing assets such as external networks, and vulnerable web applications which may be exploited by an attacker to disclose its entire backend database to a web server; And cyber-attacks on intranet-facing assets, such as internal and wireless networks to reveal high severity vulnerabilities within working applications, and code review to flag bad practices within environments particularly that constitute exploitable vulnerabilities.

Whilst automated scanning tools have their place we advocate a blended approach that includes customised proprietary scripts and advanced manual techniques are part of a rigorous methodology testing against sophisticated threats to:

  • Infrastructure including VPN and VoIP
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Applications, including Mobile
  • Mobile Devices

Websites are increasingly important in delivering value, services, support, and a transaction platform for many firms, and therefore represent the primary interface with customers. In many instances it is also the main customer interface for recording their confidential information, and transmit to back-end databases, and increasingly complex tasks.

Our advanced techniques apply white-hat techniques to simulate attacker methods, which can include simulated DDoS or ‘denial or service’ attacks, which are an increasingly popular method for attack and rising challenge.

Compliance to standards is rarely sufficient to protect against sophisticated threats, so our security review aims to ensure effective processes, appropriate to task, and best practices in adoption of security measures & application of controls across policy, processes, and procedures.

Our penetration testing is an integral part of a converged approach to managing your cyber risk. We would recommend that you look at our Red Team Services and Blue Team Services to better understand risks to your cyber security.

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