Red Team Services

Red Team Services

What is Red Teaming?

Red teaming is the simulation of a multi-phase, ‘real-world’ approach to attacking an organisation which a team of sophisticated attackers would adopt. The objective extends beyond testing the security of an individual application or system, but seeks to exploit a series of vulnerabilities and interdependencies, according to an advanced persistent scenario.

Why do organisations need it now?

Advanced Persistent Threats [APTs] cannot be mitigated by standard security software like firewalls and antivirus, and they are designed to have a high impact on organisations, which combine to represent high risk to any organisation that is highly reliant on ICT, has significant information assets and critical IP, or are dependant upon web platforms for customer interface and transactions. Organisations must accept that APTs are likely to be successful and therefore consider the implications and likely attack scenarios. Some firms will claim awareness, but their full consideration is incomplete.

The majority of organisations have not considered all the likely attack vectors, most have not simulated an attack to see where their vulnerabilities are, and very few have mapped assets and processes to identify the potential impacts and access that an attack could yield. Many firms are still struggling to grasp what the financial impact on their business could be.

Finally, very few organisations have had occasion to ‘exercise’ their real-time detection & response capabilities against a sophisticated attack, primarily due to the complexities of simulating such an attack. Such red team capabilities are relatively new to the private sector, and few red teams can simulate the ‘real-world’ integrated methods that these attacks adopt.

What does a Red Team exercise entail?

  • A phased approach that challenges all the aspects of the business’ operating environment, through all physical and system layers of the business operation
  • From education, through design and testing, and up to full-scope penetration testing engagements, it utilises custom-built tools to simulate a persistent attack, and exfiltration tactics
  • A focus on the often neglected aspects of a traditional security assessment such as intelligence gathering, profiling, process analysis, 3rd party suppliers, employee awareness and social engineering, as well as the technical ability to infiltrate into your information assets, the ability to perform a clean exfiltration and/or modify your data

What are the deliverables?

  • A report presenting results & conclusions of the exercise, covering technical, process and policy issues with a series of industry best-practice recommendations
  • Review of results and feedback in a workshop setting, to build awareness and alignment among stakeholders, and a roadmap of measures to improve security & resilience in the future
  • Short-term tactical fixes for immediate remediation of any outstanding vulnerabilities within the tested environments
  • Long-term strategic initiatives that will proactively thwart any potential repetition of vulnerabilities discovered during the exercise

What are the benefits?

  • Red team exercises rapidly banish any complacency in an organisation, and focus attention on planning & investment priorities which will have a clear purpose
  • By creating a broad acceptance of vulnerabilities, such an exercise builds organisation-wide consensus & awareness without having to learn from ‘painful experience’
  • A more defined perspective on current attack scenarios and potential business consequences
  • Red team exercises build confidence within an organisation, from shareholders down to the security & business continuity teams, that preparation, planning and investment are appropriate to task
  • Better risk understanding and management from board level where greater involvement will create better prioritisation, and use of budgets & resources

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