IT Forensics & E-Discovery

IT Forensics

Forensic IT investigation is an invaluable, specialist skill which enables the modern investigator to gather evidence from computers, networks and mobile phones which would otherwise be unavailable.

Forensic IT investigation is a blend of specialist IT skills, investigation experience and evidence handling techniques. Inexperienced staff attempting to recover evidence will almost certainly fail to find it or fatally compromise its validity.

The misuse or abuse of IT systems by staff, outside groups, or illegal activity within your company could have dramatic and damaging effect on your business.

  • Prove/disprove crime or policy breach
  • Proactively prevent crime & misuse
  • Support disciplinary procedures
  • Protect employees
  • Refute allegations
  • Provide evidence
  • Protect & recover company assets

Fraud investigations, HR issues, allegations by staff, complaints by contractors and criminal activities may all require input from the specialist Forensic IT investigator.


Electronic Discovery is the process of securing, searching and locating electronic data (including emails, spreadsheets and documents) on a computer or over a network with the intent of using the identified material as part of a civil or criminal legal case. Often the quantity of material is overwhelming. We can provide processing; search and analysis; and online review of the materials to enable legal teams to make cost-effective judgements about the material retrieved.