EOD & Counter IED

EOD and Counter IED

Consulting Services

Developing relevant and effective plans can be very complex in an insecure or post-conflict environment, and the challenge of maintaining such plans against complex scenarios and high impact events can be very time consuming. Our consultancy services enable planning that extends from strategy, policy and procedure through to technical instructions.

We provide a framework for you within which an effective strategy, holistic approach and realistic scenario-based planning can be created and maintained. Our planning support provides all the guidance you will require to deal with the threat and can be provided for capability, training and procurement planning, to enable an effective and capable proactive organisation that prevents major incidents and moves you ‘left of the boom.’ Our consultancy is an agile and rapidly responsive team that will provide you with a detailed and realistic step-by-step plan to enable your current and future capability to evolve and deal with your emerging threats.

Operational Services

We provide fully equipped and experienced operational teams that can be deployed at short notice to a variety of locations to deal with your C-IED and EOD requirements in the following fields:

  • C-IED including all aspects of mobile and static force protection and mitigation
  • IEDD including high threat, non-benign environments, assault IEDD for Special Forces and dynamic entry teams
  • All levels of Humanitarian Demining and Battlefield Area Clearance/ERW operations
  • Search including covert tasks in support of intelligence agencies and commercial security
  • CBRNe including force protection, single item and logistic disposal of weapon systems and decontamination
  • Attacking the Network including support to exploitation, targeting and operational effects planning
  • Ammunition management including storage, transportation, inspection, surveillance and repair
  • Counter proliferation including regional security studies, stockpile security, tracking and item neutralization


The holistic and integrated approach required to defeat and reduce the threat from our adversaries’ use of IEDs, complex attacks and the hazards posed from ERW means that thorough, detailed and yet cost effective training is required at all levels of policy maker, command and practitioner. We will design and implement all your training requirements and integrate this with your C-IED and EOD strategy to include new equipment procurement programmes or the use and upgrading of legacy systems.

Our training is bespoke and focused on customer requirements produced by a thorough ‘top down’ study of your current situation, the threat posed to you and of your future capability requirements. We run training courses in the following areas:

  • C-IED Instructors Course
  • IEDD Operators Courses
  • Attack the Network Courses
  • Search Courses
  • Humanitarian Demining and Battlefield Area Clearance Courses
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