Prison Services

Well managed prison facilities and a well trained staff enable a countries Prison Service to meet the standards required under the Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners issued by the United Nations. We can advise on the strategic planning issues that enable governments to comply with International standards.

Optimal Risk can provide effective and appropriate training for prison staff at all stages of their careers. This includes:

  • Induction training
  • Refresher training
  • Specialist skills training
  • Train the trainer
  • Management training

    Optimal Risk can advise on the upgrading of existing prison buildings and the design and specification of new ones. This is especially important for new buildings to ensure maximum effectiveness for the budget spend. Areas covered include:

  • Appropriate physical environments for prisoners and staff.
  • Flexible accommodation enabling proper prisoner separation and control.
  • Logical flow and good sightlines to enable good command and control.
  • Suitable physical and electronic security systems.

Optimal Risk can also advise on rehabilitation programmes and alternatives to custody.