Information Security Consulting

Information Risk & Security Consulting

Optimal Risk offers a range of professional services and consulting in critical areas of Information Security, Information Risk Management, and Resilience Management.

Our services extend from standard GRC auditing, to more specific and comprehensive evaluation & assessment services, and then to remediation roadmaps, strategy & planning support, and implementation guidance. Coupled with our technical assessment capabilities, cyber intelligence services, and risk analysis, we provide a full suite of diagnostic and strategic advisory services to prepare our clients for an every-shifting threat landscape, and ensure an appropriate, proactive posture.

  • Cyber Readiness - provide a basis for evaluating the current situation and creating a roadmap for future development towards a higher state of readiness & resilience
  • Information Security - ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, and the security of systems that handle it.
  • IT Risk Management - allows an organization to identify possible risks, reduce or mitigate those risks, allow for better decision making in regards to all risks, and strategize a plan.
  • Business Continuity – follows a process to identify risks to the business, assess the probable business impact of such events, develop recovery strategies and plans, and maintain their readiness through personnel training and plan testing
  • IT Service Management - ensures that IT solutions are providing maximum value and that they are meeting the needs of the business while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the IT operations