Cyber Readiness Services

Organizations increasingly require insight into their evolution towards resilience, which requires the combination of a security controls framework, and an incident response capability. Resilience audits and maturity mapping provide a basis for evaluating their current situation and creating a roadmap for future development towards a higher state of readiness & resilience.

The role of a sophisticated incident response capability is absolutely central to any advanced cyber defense concept. While good security requires acute awareness and preparedness, resilience requires the ability to detect, react, defend and recover with a minimal impact to the organisation.

Cyber Resilience Assessments

Optimal Risk supports the building of resilience through the development of more evolved baseline security readiness, and incident response capabilities. The critical steps in our cyber resilience and readiness development process are:

  • Evaluate the degree to which organizational readiness is appropriate, complete and effective, and how an organization builds & maintains its readiness.
  • Examine how appropriate your resilience planning and measures are, and under which conditions they are more likely to fail.
  • Identify a hierarchy of operational, tactical, and strategic imperatives for establishing a higher state of readiness, and the correct resilience posture.
  • Introduce a structured program to remediate weaknesses in technology, methods, procedures and people aligned to best practices.

Cyber Readiness Assessment Flyer

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Incident Response Maturity Assessment

The maturity assessment follows our proprietary Cyber Defense Maturity Model, adapted from the industry best practice maturity assessments. Our model has been developed to incorporate a broader range of standards-based requirements, and enhanced by more ‘real-world’ understanding of cyber defence and its evolution, with large organisations around the world.

Incident Response Capability Development

We devise a program to address the priorities for doctrinal, tactical, and operational change. This will include the governance principles & processes necessary for effective evaluation of Incident Response Program evolution in the future. We establish an incident response “playbook” to provide detailed plans for a range of scenarios, to include the operational processes and structured procedures for each. This extends to the integration of planning and preparation into other fields, which we facilitate towards the desired outcomes.

Incident Response Maturity Assessment Flyer

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