Residence Security Teams

This is an intrinsic and, often overlooked, aspect of Executive Protection, especially where the Principal has several homes or is away from the main home on a frequent basis.

The security of a residence can be managed in a variety of ways or more frequently by a combination of security services. The residence must be subject to a detailed security survey, which measures the risk relative the residence location, those living in the property, those visiting and the frequency and times at which the Principal(s) are present.

The survey will highlight risks and areas of weakness, which can then be mitigated as part of "an holistic approach" to the security of the residence. The use of well designed and constantly monitored CCTV systems, alarm systems, access controls systems and on site security will provide a continuous 24/7 security operation.

Panic Rooms

Optimal Risk can advise on and supply panic rooms for client’s residences. Please call for further details.