A Convergence Masterclass

Firms are constantly challenged to fully identify the emerging reality they will face in the immediate future, whether because of the evolving threats, or the capabilities of new technology. There is less reason, now more than ever, to assume that risk mitigation strategies are valid year-on-year particularly in the face of converged threats, nor can they remain effective by incrementally refining, rather than re-defining plans to better suit the changing landscape. To consider the broader implications of converged incidents which are now considerably less likely to be ‘lower probability’, requires a better appreciation of the dynamic and converged risk environment.

Systematically challenging current thinking & attitudes to these risk throughout the organisation,  requires greater focus on cyber security,& information assurance risk,  a broader view of threats to IP and other information assets and the rising profile of these threats, and a repositioning of the various security stakeholders within any team tasked with protecting assets, operations, and assessing risk. Therefore security risk managers need to become more conversant with IT concepts in order to develop effective integration with the physical security ‘world’ and reinforce the function of security as ‘profit protection’ or business enabler.

Optimal Risk will be leading a masterclass on these issues, organised by the Security Institute and hosted by Siemens in London on September 24th, which will address these core challenges that organisations face in embracing and applying converged security concepts. The objective is to introduce students with specialist background to a range of models and principals that will better enable them to prepare and cope with converged security risks.

It will commence with a presentation of various high-impact scenarios that can result from advanced and persistent threats of a converged nature and engage the audience to explore the implications. 

Four expert speakers will provide anecdotal evidence and thought leadership about structuring priorities for appropriate security measures, and their preferred approach to managing security against converged threats. They will also illustrate a range of scenarios that best demonstrate converged vulnerabilities, or attacks based on their own experience.

The attendees will then be asked in a breakout session to tackle the implications for security and planning against different scenarios, and working in groups, will develop and apply some of the concepts and lessons that have been provided. The speakers will mentor each group through the scenario provided to facilitate the group through the application of models and principles.

Following break-out sessions, the masterclass will conclude with an interactive review session and debate to consider the lessons learnt in managing/organising a converged security set-up for both preventative and reactive functions; doctrinal concepts that should be adopted; and a methodology for the conduct of appropriate internal security.

For more information and to book, go to https://www.security-institute.org/calendar/event_booking/add?event_id=128
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