Risk Register Building

The utility of risk registers as a tool to enable proactive management of risk control measures can get lost in the nature of the register; a more rigorous approach to recording both risks and events can ensure that the register plays a relevant role in an effective risk management process.

The potentially more valuable element to an organisation is the process of creating and maintaining a risk register, if firms can objectively consider risks and their own vulnerabilities to cyber threats.

Optimal risk has a range of risk and security expertise that enable us to provide specialist support for firms attempting to develop and maintain a converged risk register. Delivered in a workshop setting, we provide intelligence, analytical tools and expert input to enable teams to rapidly engage with the challenges of building registers of risk.

The process of constructing a register contributes significantly to a real shift in organisational attitudes towards converged risk awareness. Given the rise in awareness of cyber threats, and the challenges in identifying such threats, it may prove more challenging to create a comprehensive register of converged risk; however, any process that will focus attention on vulnerabilities and emphasise the 'business resilience' rationale for mitigation is an important justification for a risk register process.

To contribute to an effective risk management process, a register needs to inform preparation to respond to events. Firstly, to identify the appropriate mitigating steps that control the probability and impact of an event, but also to highlight issues or security capabilities that need to be tested and verified. It should, therefore, drive focus on priority threats and give early warning of emerging scenarios that executive management should be aware of.

Risk Register Building Flyer

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