Security Strategy, Policy and Procedure

We can help develop physical security strategy, policy and procedures, to enable organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their security measures.

Why is a security strategy so important?

Without a security strategy it will often not be clear how the security function contributes to the overall aims of the organisation. Unsurprisingly then security can be marginalised, or at least it does not fulfil its potential to generate competitive advantage.

  • Good security strategies help an organisation to have good security management and corporate governance of the organisation.
  • A security strategy linked directly to the wider strategy for the organisation provides direction, and a reference point to establish priorities.
  • Developing a good strategy and learning how best to implement it is crucial to successful security and good business.

Security leaders need to have at least a basic understanding of strategic planning, including its development and implementation. Strategic planning is a fundamental element of successful companies and is a crucial part of managing delivery.

We offer a fully comprehensive service, right from analysing risks and assessing the effectiveness of current security practices, to developing evidence-based security strategies, policies and procedures that meet with operational requirements.

A good strategy will provide a reference point to establish priorities and guide action through:

  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Effective processes and systems
  • Appropriate skill levels and ‘buy in’